A Little Bit Of My Story

Hello all, my name is Yoni Kachlon. I’ve always been of the opinion that any dog, no matter the breed, upbringing, or temperament, can be loving and docile, while retaining the playful energy that makes them so enjoyable as companions.

This goes back to the first dog I ever encountered, an unstable and, at times, overly aggressive Rottweiler that my family owned. Eventually, with some training, and the necessary affection, we were able to acclimate him to a domestic environment, enough so that I could ride on his back all over the house!

That’s what led me to the idea of opening my own dog care service, allowing me to accommodate the need for a job, while still giving Jasmine the love and attention she (and all dogs) need. In September of 2012 I was fortunate enough to win the Training Cesar’s Way sweepstakes to go meet and train under world-famous “Dog Whisperer” and his team of elite trainers, Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas, in Santa Clarita California.

Since then, the business has expanded, and I’ve focused my efforts on helping as many dogs and their owners as possible. Using my Four Phase Fundamental Training Program, I’ve been able to work with many owners live and online!

Thank you for visiting!

Yoni Kachlon



“ Yoni just started working with us and our newly adopted dog today. We are already seeing fantastic results and very happy that Karen from 2darescue recommended him:) We are looking forward to our future sessions! Highly recommend”

Sherry Miller

“I have known Yoni for years. He has trained my personal dogs and the dogs of many of my clients. His intuition with animals combined with the excellent training he has had make him one of Arizona's premier trainers. Whether it is teaching your new puppy manners or your "old dogs" new tricks or even correcting inappropriate behaviors- Yoni is the one to call. He is first class all the way !!”


“Our English bulldog and pug started fighting what seemed like out of nowhere and Balancing Paws not only helped us fix that behavior but helped us completely transform our pups all around! Our pups have self control, can walk on a leash, stay in their place, and so much more. We are so THANKFUL! Can’t recommend enough!”